Fil Dunsky

For the past 15 year Fil Dunsky has worked for several large companies like the most famous brands and companies such as Blackberry, Bounty, Danone, Heinz, Kinder, McDonald’s, Milka, Orion, Panasonic, Pepsi, Telegram, Wrigley etc. it has developed my own unique recognisable style which helps me to stand out in this competitive market. This passionate artist uses her free time to create personal artworks.

Watermelon Smile

“Watermelon Smile” Is the first masterpiece that Fil created as an artist almost 15 years ago when nobody knew me and never sold it anywhere. It is kind of special for Fil because he has created this piece in a state of love.

And we can see by looking at this masterpiece the love that comes from it and the happiness to see this woman smiling with this pasteque.