JC Jongwon Park

JC Park is an illustrator and concept artist based in Hamburg, Germany where he currently works in the video game , feature film , animation ,TV commercial , publication industry like Microsoft, Samsung, NCsoft.
JC has created concept art for games such as Gears of War , Chorus , Everspace , Aion and Legend of the Cryptids.


In the middle of London in 1900, there is a girl coming from the future in 2077 by wormhole with futuristic bike and getting attention of everyone…

JC Your electronic brush technique is flawless…it has the freshness and control of color, picture composition and ambience that is amazing. I enjoyed looking at your many examples on your website. You are up with the best i’ve ever seen. Because of my illustrative career, I especially enjoy your scenic creations. The mood, the ambience and the sense of ‘being there’ is visceral and completely convincing. 

Syd Mead