Rudy Nurdiawan graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung Indonesia in 1995, majoring in Architecture. After graduated, Rudy became a teacher in the same university and worked in an architect and interior consultant. Rudy has worked on hundreds of projects in the field of illustration architect and interior. In 1998, he opened a training center for architecture and comics until 2002. He moved to Bali in 2003 and still working on illustration project for architect, interior and landscape firms. In 2004 he was recruited as an illustrator for Beltcollins International. In spare time, Rudy is still working for other projects, such as cover illustration, game and movie concept. He co-founded a comic design studio in Semarang named House of Imagi in 2010. April 2011 Rudy decided to move to Singapore.

Invincible X Freddy Mercury

This magnificent illustration by Rudy shows two characters with similar moustaches but radically different characters. Indeed Invincible is very calm whereas Freddy has always been explosive, maybe one of their common point is the secret they hide from the general public.