There are areas of thought that transcend the boundaries of the imagination. These areas without borders whose access is allowed to free thinkers, visionaries, onlookers and are stacked, by those who know and can hover in those spaces, like an infinite pyramid without forcing themselves into “usual” forms, because those pieces can evolve as you look at them.

Here, I like to define Unknownian as a “storyteller in images”, a current digital artist, a storyteller of these years who, I fear, will go down in history as a techno-age for the illusion of apparent well-being and then of the pandemic asocial that he gave us.

With an image. Unknownian,  catches us unprepared to bear the weight of the truths that he brings out from his works, forces us to look a little higher in order to see that pyramid of truth, the apex of an iceberg made of pure fantasy. A vision. His vision.

In my head

“In my head, seas become clouds, whites become blacks, nothing become everything.”

In my head we are all the same. We are all equal. Reasoning on the word equality, I think that every person can draw the conclusion of themself. What matters is the greater meaning that is attributed to the word. Being the same does not mean being twins, perfect clones. Being the same means that we are people, with different styles, habits and cultures but born on the same planet and with the same rights.

“In my head, always together.”

Born Sinners

“We are born sinners, with hatred in the soul, against others, for no reason.”

It seems that since we are born, we have sinned. Sin in the broadest sense of the word, not referring to religion. We grow up with a hatred within us, within our soul. We hate others. We create a distorted vision of people and the world. We are all born the same, so why do we behave this way ?

We look for differences that do not exist. We create these differences ourselves. It does not make sense. We have been part of the same planet for millennia. Yet it is for millennia that man has been waging war on his fellow man. Does all this make sense ? We stop to reflect. Why do we do it?

“Looking for differences, that don’t exist, not today, never.”

An ordinary extinction

“An ordinary extinction, to people who don’t believe it.” Only time gives us the opportunity to perform actions. But what if time isn’t enough anymore? We are continuing to destroy our planet. Our future. Our time. But above all we are destroying the time of our posterity. It will be an ordinary extinction. To which we have always turned a blind eye. We always knew, but we never did anything. “To those who are consciously closing their eyes, for what we will not leave to our children.”